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Mark Abel’s writing is grounded in a passion to explore the mysteries of God through story as an expression of worship to his Lord and Savior.

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Ephesus – A Tale of Two Kingdoms, is based on Jesus’s messages to the churches, found in the Bible’s Book of Revelation, Chapters 1-3.

These messages have intrigued me ever since studying them several years ago. What makes them especially noteworthy is that Jesus returned some sixty years after His resurrection, in order to evaluate His new and struggling church and to give them a personal message. Some argue the seven messages represent the church during progressive eras of time while others make the case the messages are written for all time, with each message representing a different condition in which the church will find herself. I find myself in the second camp of thought because Jesus told the Apostle John to deliver the messages to the churches, plural. Another way to look at the messages is to read them as personal. After all, as believers, each of us are parts in the Body of Christ. Therefore, the messages are important not only when evaluating one’s church affiliation but also one’s self. By the way, it is often the case that two or three of the church types may look familiar to each of us.

Jesus’s message to Ephesus describes a church commended for persevering and working hard while holding evil persons to account, yet missing that which is most important–their love for the Lord and one another. My story is about two Ephesus churches, one ancient and one modern, how they are different and yet also much the same. Both are given the opportunity to change their ways and warned that, if they do not, they will be removed out of their place. One could argue such a message sounds harsh, and yet I believe most would agree consequences in life result from choices and actions, whether it be a church or an individual. Therefore, there is a wealth of wisdom in studying these messages.

My compass in writing Ephesus – A Tale of Two Kingdoms, was to explore the mystery of this message. A message given by God to His Son Jesus Christ who communicated it through an angel to the Apostle John, who then wrote it down for each of us to read. One can only speculate about how such a message was delivered and also received. Now that sounds like a premise for an intriguing story. I hope you’ll read it.

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